June 24 2017 15:34:02
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News Categories
News by Norlander

Category: News by Norlander
Number of Items: 46
100 years since Franz Ferdinand
Voyager Enters Interstellar Space
When the online world becomes real...
Last U.S. Troops leave Iraq, ending their war on a whimper
Three largest online poker sites indicted and shut down by FBI
The demise of the dollar
Scientists find The Missing Link
The US Presidential Election
Paul Krugman wins the Nobel Prize in Economics.
Iceland on the brink of a meltdown.
News by Yutani

Category: News by Yutani
Number of Items: 14
Philip M. Parker's - The Art of Self Publishing
Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Anon vs. Scientology
Don't google murder
YouTube reveals user info
Can we trust the news
Áhugafelag fyri spøl
When will our favorite series return
No more Mad Rounder
Tabula Rasa
News by Grizlas

Category: News by Grizlas
Number of Items: 24
Diablo 3
Are we ever going to mars?
Welcome back Mike
Rest in peace Michael
Duke Nukem shut down
Large Hadron Collider
Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows
News by vuzman

Category: News by vuzman
Number of Items: 31
Breaking: Gongumenn News Taken Down. Read all about it!
10 years later...
Roskilde Festival 2011
Heavy Metal Legend Ronnie James Dio passed away
Roskilde Festival 2010
Birthday Bash
Obama for President
News by Lazarus

Category: News by Lazarus
Number of Items: 3
Griz jr.
Court ruling...
62 Year birthday
News by Jogvanth

Category: News by Jogvanth
Number of Items: 15
Flatskatturin samtyktur
Gary Moore is dead.
AC/DC in concert in Scandinavia
Ronnie James Dio diagnosed with cancer.
Swayze and Floyd dead
Hægstirættur metur online-poker verða ólógligt!
Has "The Stig" been revealed?
The creator of Dungeons & Dragons has died
Poker er hasard!
Føroyar eru eitt valdømi!
News by Lamech

Category: News by Lamech
Number of Items: 4
Okkara nýggja navn
Soleiðis atkvøddi tey í dag
Eingin olja í hesum umfarinum
Phoenix-leiðarar fongsulsrevsing
News by Torellion

Category: News by Torellion
Number of Items: 3
End of the Hitch
Soleiðis atkvøddu tey í dag
News by OKJones

Category: News by OKJones
Number of Items: 2
Mclaren's 10 commandments
Pokerface 2007
News by Aliennizer

Category: News by Aliennizer
Number of Items: 1
Magnetisk køleskab
News by Roffen

Category: News by Roffen
Number of Items: 10
Denmark, a Spacefaring Nation
AntiPiratGruppen nerfed
Duke Nukem is alive
4G in Denmark
Eik Banki í trupuleikum
Stephen Hawkings is retiring
Doctor Who's best episodes
Human Evolution is over
Microsoft Office made freeware
General Motors goes bankrupt
None-Categorised News
Number of Items: 5
Screw you guys, we're going to Roskilde
Microsoft buys Mojang
For whom the bell tolls
Such are the times
Steve Jobs 1955-2011


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06/06/2017 16:29
Verði í CPH 10. til 26. juni

28/05/2017 03:33
RIP Gregg Allman

23/05/2017 19:49
RIP Roger Moore :-(

23/05/2017 14:27
Hann spælir til Heartland Festival í tí myrkasta Fyn...

22/05/2017 20:13
Ebbi had the chance to see Pavarotti but delayed it thinking she would catch him later when money wasn't an issue.

22/05/2017 20:03
@Vuzman isn't Eddie Vedder last man standing from that era and dare you not go see him june 3rd :/

21/05/2017 19:46
Grindaboð í Bø

18/05/2017 08:52
Fuck, Chris Cornell died last night smiley

26/04/2017 14:48
You could've made that into a news item insteadsmiley

26/04/2017 14:25
We're 4 days away from celebrating 2 full years without any news... It's reassuring that nothing's happening.

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