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WTFBreaking Down The Absolutely Batshit Botched Coup Attempt Against Venezuela's Maduro

Norlander on May 09 2020 01:19:45
This is honestly one of the craziest things I've read, like some 80's comedy brought to life, and this articles first paragraph is spot on:

New details and developments relating to a bizarre abortive coup attempt against Venezuela's dictatorial President Nicolas Maduro, which involved a botched amphibious raid by a group that included former U.S. Army Green Berets and Venezuelan expats, continue to emerge days after the start of the incident. Everything about this fiasco, which apparently has yet to reach its final conclusion, seems less of a modern incarnation of the infamous CIA-sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961 and more reminiscent of the differently infamous Wonga Coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea in 2004, or even the life of Bin Laden hunter Gary Faulkner, or an over-the-top Hollywood dramatization of either of those events.
Norlander on May 09 2020 01:27:32
So everyone got rounded up pretty quickly, something about Trumps ex-security team, something about a disgruntled former ally of Chavez turned drug-lord in Columbia, about 60 hapless guys attempting a coup and being rounded up right away, talks about them being infiltrated, but then again some of the American connections to this coup had apparently boasted about it beforehand... on twitter of all fucking places... and then almost as a side note there is this cruise ship that got rammed by a Venezuelan navy ship, and then sank it... yeah this will be a Hollywood movie one day.
Norlander on May 09 2020 20:07:51
The Associated Press did manage to follow up with Gourdreau after Operation Gideon's failure. When asked about why he had sent just 60 men to what is perhaps the most heavily defended part of Venezuela's coastline, the retired American special operator reminded the reporters about how Alexander the Great had “struck deep into the heart of the enemy" and achieved victory over a numerically superior Persian force at the Battle of Guagamela in 331.
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Takk smiley

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tillukku OKJones

25/11/2020 18:06
RIP Maradona

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03/11/2020 16:24
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03/11/2020 15:37
Anyone else watching the US election tonight?

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RIP Sean Connery

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Eri í FO frá 2020-09-12 til 2020-09-19

21/03/2020 11:37
And somewhere in the darkness The gambler he broke even And in his final words I found an ace that I could keep RIP Kenny Rogers

03/03/2020 03:58
Suðuroy tú mundi doyð!

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