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InterestHBO Chernobyl critique

Vuzman on July 03 2019 10:37:18
1) I believe they modeled the visual appearance of the radiation victims on actual photos.
2) It was impossible to contain the news of the disaster, but the Soviet government certainly did try.
3) 31 deaths, sure, but how many got cancer, deformities, or other negative effects?
4) Sure other disasters were worse, but this is more about the potential than the actual outcome. Also, look up 'whataboutism'.
Norlander on July 03 2019 10:41:52

I'm with Vuzman on this btw
Grizlas on July 03 2019 13:13:28
Well, some facts would be helpful. The article is solely baaed on the testimony of this Robert Gale, who is apparently lying?

I can accept 1 and 2 with some sources.

3 and 4 I completely agree with.
Vuzman on July 03 2019 23:10:14
I don't need sources for 2, I remember it...

I think I misremembered 1. I glanced through the podcast where they talked about this and it was based on research and Lyudmila's own account of what her husband looked like. So, AFAICT, no actual photos.

Anyway, I recommend listening to the companion podcast (just called The Chernobyl Podcast), where the creator of the series details how the series was created, and which liberties they took, and why.
Grizlas on July 04 2019 00:40:52
I barely remember where I was today, so good on you smiley

I listened to several episodes of the podcast - very interesting.
OKJones on July 05 2019 17:16:47
Grizlas on July 06 2019 02:16:34
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