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InterestSome solid programming advice imho

Vuzman on June 06 2019 10:41:31
This is just another way of expressing the ancient development principle of "Make it work, make it right, make it fast", also expressed as "Make it work, then make it better".

This is why we have TDD, refactoring, etc. It's definitely a good principle, but, to play devil's advocate, the functional requirements are fulfilled after the first step, so if you're on a deadline, why make it better, when it already works? Project leaders (and PO's, customers, etc.) have a notoriously hard time understanding why you need more time to do more work, when it already works!
Grizlas on June 06 2019 12:27:01
Short term will almost always win out over long term in competitive business scenarios, I think. At least - that is my experience smiley

It is hard to justify the extra time, especially if there is any doubt at all about the future of the product.

But what I like most about this, is the more general idea of not committing yourself to a certain design before later on. I think this is a common mistake many companies make. Take, for instance, the area of 2nd generation nuclear reactors and especially molten salt reactors. There are about 20-30 competing designs already in development, that all have in common the fact that they cant get regulatory approval, because they haven't been tested in a real fission environment - something of a catch-22. On the other side, you have some researchers from the Netherlands that have no design yet, but are instead trying to get a simple salt loop placed inside the pool of an existing reactor, so they can study molten salt chemistry and how materials react to it. Their argument is, that you cannot make a good reactor design until you understand the quite complex chemistry, metallurgy etc. of the materials involved. I think this is the better approach - get as far as you can without committing to a specific design, so that you, later on, can make better decisions.
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